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Where can i get accurate chinese symbols?

i need a website or something that has accurate chinese and japanese symbols for all sorts of words. i search certain words and all kinds of different symbols come up, each claiming to mean that word. google translator doesn't do symbols.|||First....Google should accept the Chinese symbols. I have no problems with it so there might be another problem.

Here is the link for Google translate I use鈥?/a>

You will get multiple meanings because one symbol can mean different things much like in English, we have different meanings for the same word. To get a proper translation you need to know how you intend to use it in a sentence and then have a person translate it for you to get a proper translation. Unfortunately that will probablly cost you unless it is something simple then you can either post the question here and maybe someone will help or find someone that might help.

Even Chinese people have the same issue when trying to get the meaning of just one word to translate it into English. So your best bet to get a good translation is to find someone to help and not rely on a computer generated translation.|||Google Translate isn't very good at individual words; it's better at longer sentences. There are lots of good free Chinese dictionaries online though; the best one is, which also gives example sentences etc so that you can be sure the word you found is the one you want. There's also, but that only gives English translations of Chinese words (you can still search for an English word and find it in the meaning of a Chinese word, but that's a bit hit-and-miss)|||This website by Dr. Tianwei Xie, Dept. of Asian and Asian American Studies, California State University at Long Beach has one of the most comprehensive lists for learning Chinese online. It includes quite a few links, including many on characters.

Good luck!
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  • Is there a norwegian word for Love?

    Please Help

    Google Translator says that "I Love You" is "Jeg Elsker Deg"

    However, I've heard from several places that there is no real official word for "Love" in the language.

    Does anyone here know the answer, and if so, is "Elsker" correct?

    If not, what is the correct term?

    Thank you!|||Noun for "love": "kj忙rlighet"

    Noun meaning physical love: "elsklov"

    I love (from girlfriend to boyfriend, also known as "LOVE love" in Hollywood) you: "jeg elsker deg"

    Properly used between couples, parent-child, or about loving a particular activity. For instance: "jeg elsker fotball".

    I love you (from one friend to another): "jeg er glad i deg"

    Properly used between friends and more platonic relationships.

    I want to make love to you (from a farmer to a sheep): "jeg vil elske med deg"

    Could come in handy?

    "Kj忙rlighet" is what you are looking for though. Directly translated it means "loveliness", but is used only in the meaning of love as in English.

    The "kj" phoneme is a difficult one for foreigners, and increasingly often with Norwegian children, who substitute it with the more easily pronounced "sh". The parents of these children, should be shot. If you want to rehearse it, try the link. And be sure to match her pitch, this is how all Norwegians perform.鈥?/a>|||I only know of the word "elsker"|||Elske is the verb, and elsker is the present tense of the verb.

    The noun form of the verb in Norwegian is Kj忙rlighet. In English the noun and the verb are the same spelling, and the verb is irregular so the base form and the present tense are the same spelling too.

    *silly English*

    Anyway in Norwegian "elsker" is pronounced just like it is spelled but the r is rolled a little, and the first syllable goes down and the second syllable goes up.

    The noun Kj忙rlighet can be pronounced a couple of different ways depending on the dialect. It can be pronounced shar-lee-hett or sher-lee-hett, and once again the r will be rolled slightly.

    In some dialects the r will be scarred similar to a German or French r.|||Then there's the noun ELSKOV -- a noun about the concept of love. It is used rather frequently in Norwegian. Kj忙rlighet is defined in the bokm氓lsordboka (link below) as

    1 varm, hengiven f酶lelse for noe(n) k- til hjemmet, nesten, fedrelandet, folket, naturen, kunsten / Guds k-

    [warm dedicated feelings for someone]

    2 erotisk f酶lelse, hengivenhet for en annen person k-en mellom mann og kvinne / k- ved f酶rste blikk / den store k-en / lide av ulykkelig k- som ikke blir gjengjeldt / fri k- seksuelt samliv uten ekteskap / gammel k- ruster ikke taper seg ikke

    [erotic feelings for another person]

    3 gjenstand for *kj忙rlighet (1,2) hun ble hans store k- / b酶ker er hennes store k-

    [object of one's love]

    4 k- p氓 pinne sukkert酶y festet p氓 en pinne


    elskov is defined as

    elskov -en (da., sm o s norr elskhugi, nyno elskhug) erotisk betont kj忙rlighet, lidenskap

    [erotically tinged love]

    I just wonder what you are referring to about an 'official' word for love.

    What is the best language translator?

    i need a language translator that could hopefully translate a lot of international languages, and that could accurately translate it in human language. not just some mere word to word translations but document translations.. thanks a lot for the help.. : )|||Corvus is right - there is NO such thing as a good online translator. Translation requires context and a computer doesn't know the different between the word 'fly' (the insect) or 'fly' (on a plane) which results in nonsense translations. Also, word order is almost always wrong so will look ridiculous to a native speaker. Pay someone to do it properly.|||There are programs on the Internet available, and Google translation is pretty good for most European languages, but translation involves a lot of things like context that a machine can't figure out (you will likely never see a good english-%26gt;japanese language translator, because so much is left unsaid in japanese).

    You're best bet is to find someone via e.g. Myspace or Facebook who is fluent in both languages, and pay them via paypal or with gifts to do it for you. Otherwise you won't get a really satisfactory result.|||The human being.

    No computer program can possibly make the decisions regarding misspellings, misstypings, synonyms, conjugations/cases/other grammatical functions and cultural factors, that a human mind can do. That's why you study the language: 矛n order to understand these things.|||

    this one has many languages to choose from but probably wont make sense and is more of a word for word like you said....

    although if you want to leran a language a little better is very good|||there is no such thing as adequate machine translator.||||||Bable fish||||||

    Does anyone know of a good english/spanish translator?

    I need the translator for a project. It needs to be proper spanish. Mostly only for a few words, but i would like to type a sentence like "The lion waits on it's prey in the grass." I am doing a project on lions and i have to come up with a one minute speech. I left my book and dictionary in my locker so the computer is the only source of help that I have. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks|||I've used Google's translator:鈥?/a>

    What's the difference between a Spanish translator and a Spanish Dictionary?

    I need something that I can type in a phrase, not a word, but a whole phrase a sentence in english and it gives it back to me in Spanish.

    This website shows a Spanish to English dictionary that looks like it's a translator as well. Is that even possible?|||In a dictionary you can only search small words and sometimes compound words. You have to know the rest on how to make sense of sentences.

    An online translator uses some computer algorythms to translate from one language onto another one, but it usually fails doing it correctly. Computers just can't imitate the human mind, specially when it comes to languages.

    The website you've provided is a dictionary, though it has some other interesting features: phrases, a verb conjugator and a small grammar guide. But if you put complete sentences you won't get them translated.|||translator...less reliable

    dictonary...more reliable...|||translator translates

    its what you need

    and dictionary you search for a specific word|||Franklin makes some good products.

    What you NEED, is a REAL the ones printed by Harper/Collins, or University of Chicago, or Langenscheidt's. Don't go with the one by Vox. it's all screwy! It gives the least realistic translation first.

    But, then, isn't what you need done, the reason that you are taking Spanish class in the first place? So that YOU will be able to transate whole phrases? NO machine can really do that for you. It needs the human element of a real, communicative BRAIN.|||very good.

    What is the Latin word for Great Empire, Conquest, or Empire?

    I am writing a story and an ancient Roman/Greek based empire I made up needs a name. I was looking for a name to give to my country/empire and I wanted it to be latin. If anyone knows how to say "Great Empire" "Conquest" or "Empire" and can tell me, I would highly appreciate it. It's very hard to find an online Latin translator. I found one once, but I can't remember what I typed in to get the website. Thank you for your time and have a great day.|||empire in latin is "IMPERIUM".

    Tacitus and Svetonius just used "imperium" to indicate the Roman Empire; I don't think you need to add "magnum".

    Conquest is translated with "occupatio" or "expugnatio".

    To conquest a kingdom is "occupare regnum";

    see also :|||Imperium Magnum; vincere as verb, victus as noun (implies violent conquest. "Conquere", with as noun form "conquestus", means "to gather together, to collect"); Imperium.

    Also, you can just google Latin translators.|||"Conqueror" means " I grieve";

    conquestus means "lament"

    Latin is too hard for a PC!
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  • Where can I find an english to vietnamese translator?

    My first love died in Iraq in 2003. Since then I've wanted a tattoo to remember him. I want a word or phrase like "first love" "bravery" "soldier" something along those lines...but I dont know how to write them in Vietnamese. Help!|||First love=T矛nh 膽岷

    Bravery=Can 膽岷 or gan d岷?br>

    Soldier=L铆nh or chi岷縩 binh

    My first love is a brave soldier=M峄慽 t矛nh 膽岷 c峄 t么i l脿 m峄檛 chi岷縩 binh gan d岷?br>

    Those online translator can only translate words, not phrase or sentences.

    More? Email me.|||There is a website --鈥?/a> I just did a Google search, so I'm not certain if this is what you need. Good luck!